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"Nisan's stage presence and crowd appeal is flooring. The zeal to motivate, inspire, and empower is real in this young man. I invited him to speak at Fit Body Boot Camp World Conference and Fitness Business Summit in 2015 (both global platforms drawing in several hundred fitness business entrepreneurs from around the world), and I'm welcoming him back to the stage in 2016 because he keeps on over-delivering!"

Bedros Keuilian, Founder of Fit Body Boot Camp, Best Selling Author, Fitness Business Consultant



"Nisan breeds positive motivation. He is a source of inspiration and encouragement. When he is done speaking, you can't help but feel empowered and ready to take on the world!"

Brian C. Johnson, President of Mana Unlimited Motivations and Author of Reel Diversity


"I believe Nisan is someone who is so genuine in his approach to leadership and motivation that his positive philosophy is contagious. He has talked to our team on numerous occasions and each time is better that the one before. After each presentation our players come to me and thank me for bringing him in to speak to them.

He is grounded in reality and speaks from the heart. He is someone who has achieved by hard work and knows that the path to success is wrought with hardship. His enthusiasm for life is obvious and he stands behind his beliefs by being an example as an athlete, as a husband and as a father.

He motivates because he is motivated. There are no canned presentations or does he use cliché. He is true and someone I trust."


Joe Susan, Head Football Coach, Bucknell University



“Nisan’s message was motivational and relevant for varsity athletes at Lycoming College.  His delivery is unique and strikes down any thought of apathy in your sport, workplace or personal life.  Nisan’s intensity is infectious and it made a distinct impression on our athletes.”


Glenn Smith II, Director of Athletics Fundraising, Lycoming College



"The PA CareerLink of Lycoming County invited Nisan Trotter to speak at our 4th Semi-Annual EARN Success Symposium. Nisan was able to capture everyone’s attention with his positive and charismatic personality. Nisan kept the audience on the edge of their seats as he shared his personal life experiences and discussed how they too can be their own success story. Through Nisan’s inspiring words, our customers are able to tackle each day with a new perspective."


Jessica Knight, Workforce Specialist for Lycoming and Clinton Counties, PA CareerLink Lycoming County ® Central Susquehanna Opportunities, Inc (CSO)



"Nisan Trotter was a guest speaker at the EARN Success Symposium. Nisan delivered a powerful motivational speech and stressed the importance of hard work and dedication. After hearing some of Nisan’s struggles and how passionate he is, he has motivated me to try hard and EARN my success."


Anonymous, EARN Success Symposium Participant



"Nisan Trotter has motivation and inspiration seeping from his pores.  He came to speak with a group of high school students that are in a dropout prevention program….. and got through to them!  He took the time to research and understand “their world” to help reach them during their time together.  He spoke with them on their terms.  He encouraged them to set small realistic goals so they can feel accomplished.  He eloquently reminded us all that “The storm you’re in right now, is not the storm you will die in.  This storm will pass and there will be sunshine again.” 


Ms. Erin Henson, Milton Auxiliary High School Teacher




  • “What I got out of Nisan’s talk was you shouldn’t get all down and sad because things will get better.  also, you shouldn’t let things get to you and ignore the negativity. “


  • “I got a lot out of Mr. Trotter’s talk.  But what really stuck was how things were just temporary.  The storm will pass and you will overcome adversity.”


  • “No matter what life throws at you, you can always make it through it.  To always remember that the storm will always end.” 


  • “I learned that even when I feel like I can’t, I will overcome the problems I’m dealing with.  I also learned that I’m not the only one that has problems to overcome.”


  • “Nisan’s speech was not only motivational but eye opening.  He really helped open my eyes up to overcoming everyday obstacles that stand in the way.”


  • "Nisan opened my eyes and helped me see a whole new perspective of making changes in your life and seeing the bigger picture.  I learned that no matter what happened in your life, either good or bad, there’s always time for change.  Don’t let other people’s negativity not bring you down, but bring you up and let it motivate you to show them wrong.  There’s always time for change no matter what you have gone through, no matter what you are going through.  There’s always going to be storms, but just like thunderstorms you’ve went through your whole life, there’s always sunshine at the end of a storm.”


  • “Nisan made me realize that even though I will have some tough times in my life I need to get over it and move on.  His words inspiried me in many ways.  Everyone has a different story and a different life and people deal with different situations.  Things will never be perfect and when you think that you can’t handle it and want to give up you just need to think positive and get through the hard times.  I appreciate him taking his time to come talk to my class.” 


Ms. Erin Henson's Students Feedback on "Overcoming Adversities" at Milton Auxiliary High School


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